Beam Dynamics

Name: David Kaszycki 
Company: Beam Dynamics 
Email: [email protected]


David Kaszycki, CEO
Ryan DeMars, COO
Axel Reichwein, CTO

Key Advisors/Board Members

Yarden Tadmor
Nicol Verheem
Kal Hassan
Glen Caplan


Enterprise Asset Management Film, Broadcast & Pro-AV

Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 17
PT: 1
Contractors: 0

Current Investors

Angel Investors, WSPR, Front Porch Ventures, First Launch Capital, Agilis.

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought


Use of Funds

25% Product Development
60% Marketing/Sales
15% Overhead

Business Description
Beam Dynamics is an enterprise asset management platform with data built-in. We link customers’ technology assets to product-level data from hundreds of sources in one SaaS cloud software.
Company Background
The founders worked in the industry for over a decade, visiting hundreds of studios and production sites. They noticed that engineers on set managed thousands of technology assets from hundreds of vendors using spreadsheets. Critical updates were falling through the cracks and the resulting downtime was costing the industry millions each year.
Engineers need to access firmware, software and critical security patches across all their assets. When they miss updates, downtime or security breaches can occur. These engineers don’t have a single source to access this information.
Beam is the only enterprise asset management platform to aggregate and organize data from hundreds of sources and connect it to the assets that customers own. We allow organizations with multi and single-site studios to access all vendor data and perform tasks and proactively receive critical updates.
Technologies/Special Know-how
Our CTO holds a PhD in product data integration. We utilize ML and graph technologies to properly link, match and aggregate data from hundreds of sources.
Our go to market focus is the film, broadcast and pro-AV industry. There are roughly 200,000 sites globally that represent our core customer base. We charge $9,800 annually per site.
Our main competition is status quo, which is spreadsheets. We also see static inventory and ERP systems do provide a base layer of functionality, but do not have data built in and do not focus heavily on this industry.
Business Model and Distribution Channels
We have a direct sales approach for our core customer audience, where we are building a team of business development reps to approach key market segments within the industry. We are also working with system integrators and value added resellers who build out net-new studio sites to couple the Beam platform with their existing service level agreements and general offerings. We have resale partnerships with several of the largest industry integrators.