Name: David Hunt
Company:  Framewrk


David Hunt – 3x Founder
Mike van Amburg – 2x Founder, iOS app developer

Key Advisors/Board Members

John Celentano – former consultant
Assaf Weinberg – software advisor

Year Founded


Number of Employees


Current Investors
4 – Friends & Family
Monthly Burn Rate
Financing Sought
Use of Funds
App redeployment, app redesign, new commercial, getting to 5k paying subscribers to generate $60k MRR
Business Description
Framewrk is a Founder-to-Founder community where entrepreneurs support and inspire each other. Through a pay-it-forward subscription, Founders pay for each other to meet weekly, hold each other accountable, and build their ventures.
Company Background
Framewrk began as a machine learning-based consultant for entrepreneurs to disrupt the consulting industry. However, through testing, our team realized the most powerful benefit was matching Founders together to support each other.
Founder loneliness is responsible for higher rates of depression and lower rates of success for startups. Founders need intentional communities where they can form bonds and grow with each other over time.
Framewrk measures four variables, then uses those variables to intentionally match Founders together in small groups. Those groups meet each week with specific agendas to support each other and build companies by tapping into shared brain trusts. Founders get exposed to marketing, sales, finance, etc. for their journeys together.
Technologies/Special Know-how
We match Founders based on four characteristics – that matching algo is significant. While Founders interact, we’re still training algorithms to automatically share support and guidance on company-building (machine learning based consultant thesis). Our pay-it-forward pricing model is also new and novel.
Our market right now are 1-3 person startup teams with Founders or co-founders. They are particularly building SaaS based or CPG businesses. (100k+ of these, raising VC, generating revenue, $2bn market). In the future, our market will be B2B, selling to larger companies who are trying to sell to small businesses ie. banks, tax companies, accelerators, etc. ($400mn ARR opportunity).
Entrepreneur forums like YPO, CHIEF, or Lunchclub. They connect entrepreneurs together. Cofounder matching tools like CoFounders Lab or Starthawk. We are different with our matching system and regular weekly meetings.
Business Model and Distribution Channels
With 1.2k Founders paying us, and 1.5k on our waitlist, we don’t do much marketing. We have an ‘invite-system’ in our platform that is responsible for 30% MoM growth that we intend to grow and then partner with accelerators.