You’ve been through our website and have read the stories about who we are and what we do. You may have sent an email, picked-up the phone or stopped by for a visit.


And now, it’s our turn. We want to know all about you.


But first, let’s make sure you can say all of the following are true statements.


My business concept is big and scalable. This business can grow into a regional, national, or global company while increasing profitability along the way.


The market has validated my business idea, or I am an accelerator graduate.


I understand and want to receive the benefits of mentorship.

I will put in the blood, sweat and tears to prove to investors I deserve funding.


If accepted into the program, I am, or a member of our team is willing to relocate to Winston-Salem during the duration of my residency at Winston Starts.





Here’s what the application process looks like.


1st Interview

Within ten days of application you’ll have an interview with the Director of Winston Starts, Betsy Brown. She will make sure of two things. One, that your company would be well served by the mentors at Winston Starts. And two, that you will add to the community and culture we want to create here in Winston-Salem.


2nd Interview

Applicants who are selected to advance will sit before The Advisory Group (TAG). This senior advisory group will conduct a rigorous interview and review of all applicants. They will later vote on whether an applicant is admitted, and if so, into which program (either Basecamp, Ascent, or Summit).

Betsy with Village Juice_2.jpg

The Verdict

You will be notified within ten days if you have been accepted into Winston Starts. Provided admission, the on-boarding process will start immediately and you will be paired with a mentor team. If you are not accepted, we won’t leave you out in the cold. You’ll be referred to one of our partners who will be better suited to help you.


Because our programming and curriculum is all customized, Winston Starts considers and admits companies on a continuous basis. So apply now.


Applicants looking for a startup-centric organization to help them scale their idea to success should apply today!


Still not sure? You may want to test the waters through our Explore Program before formally applying.


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