Name: Jeff Livesay 
Company: CopyForward Inc. 
Email: [email protected]


Jeff Livesay 
Chief Executive Officer 

Rick Leander 
Chief Financial Officer 

Michael Blanton 
Chief Technology Officer 

Natalie Scarritt 
Director, Market Development 

Conrad Ruiz 
Director, Customer Experience 

Iris Cole 
Arts Sector and Diversity Advisor

Key Advisors/Board Members

Rob Reyenga 
James Bellefeuil 
David Evans 
Doug Young 
Franz Ehrhardt


IP development and licensing for distributed ledger applications

Year Founded


Number of Employees

Full Time: 1 
Part Time: 9

Current Investors

Pre-seed funds: $120,000 
NC IDEA grant: $50,000

Monthly Burn Rate

Under $15,000

Financing Sought

Seed: $1,500,000 SAFE 
15% discount 
$10M conversion cap

Use of Funds

40% Research & Development 
35% Sales & Marketing 
25% Operations

Business Description

We are an IP development company licensing our patented technology to companies  transferring physical, digital, real, or intellectual property with any encumbrances such as  royalties using a ledger. Our IP also covers recording proof of authenticity and provenance in  ways that are secure, immutable, and unimpeachable.

Company Background

Jeff Livesay began developing AI software in 1977. Discovering that legislated Artist Resale  Royalty Rights for future royalties were not available in the U.S., Jeff invented CopyForward. As  an engineer and serial entrepreneur, Jeff invented CopyForward to help creators and collectors  earn future royalties, preserve provenance, and record authenticity.


In our economy, creators benefit the least from increases in asset values. Without an  undisputed chain of custody an asset can be worthless, as forgeries constitute up to 50% of  collectible asset sales. Our patented system solves these problems using secure, immutable  ledgers to record transfers with permanent contractual terms.


CopyForward licenses its patented technology to creators and exchanges in market sectors  including fine art, sneakers, sports, music, and movie memorabilia, and NFTs. Resale royalties  are in increasing demand and combating fraud improves market opportunities for creators.  Each license is appropriate to the sector and licensee.

Technologies/Special Know-how

Our patent, US 11,514,410 B1, “Method and System for Recording Forward Royalties Using a  Distributed Ledger” covers recording transfers of personal, real, or intellectual property with  any encumbrances, whether financial or non-financial, along with title or certificate of  authenticity, using any distributed ledger. Published November 29, 2022.


Global collectibles may reach $591B by 2026. For fine art, the TAM is $30B, the SAM is $13B,  and the projected SOM is $116M. Other TAMS include trading cards $10B+, sneakers, $24B+,  and memorabilia for movies: $28B+, sports $15B+, music $7B+.


There are no competitors to CopyForward’s patent, but there are enforcement prospects for  licenses that include Arcual, Fairchain, Artory, and Verisart in fine art, Nike, StockX, and GOAT  in sneakers, OpenSea in NFTs, and many companies in other sectors.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

Our licenses are multimillion, multi-year, and can include royalties to CopyForward. Our  business developers pursue licensing opportunities in each market sector through our existing  network and sector insiders.