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We provide a long runway (up to 42 months) and low burn rate for founders who are ready to take their startup business to the next level. Sound like what you’re looking for?









Before you begin...

Here's What You'll Need

To complete your online application, make sure you have all of these materials gathered:

  • Business Overview/Pitch Deck
  • Basic Financials
  • Business Plan or Basic SWOT
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Development Timeline

Evaluation Criteria

We want to make sure that you are ready for our program. This is the criteria we’ll use during the interview process to ensure that you’re a good fit.

  • Coachable: Team is willing to lean into Winston Starts resources and be positive in interactions with community members.
  • Commercial: For profit with a navigable, timely and sustainable commercialization path
  • National: Potential to be a sizable regional, national, or global business. Have competitive and relevant differentiation with sufficient marketplace space to grow into a meaningful player. 
  • Scalable: Potential to grow at reasonable pace. Can grow profits as it grows revenue. 
  • Local: Demonstrates a commitment to Winston-Salem as its headquarters and/or site of a significant portion of its employment. 
  • Mature. The business has been formed and has demonstrated early market validation through customer discovery, a convincing level of secondary research, and /or actual revenue. 

Think you've got what it takes?