Digital Health Navigation Solutions

Dave Miller, MD, MS
500 W 5th St, Suite 400
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
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Dave Miller MD, MS
Founder & CEO
Ajay Dharod, MD
Co-founder & CIO

Bruce Maxwell, MBA
Peter Kramer
Director of Operations

Key Advisors/Board Members

Hal Eason
Red Maxwell



Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 1
PT: 3
Contractors: 2

Current Investors

FCP Ventures

Monthly Burn Rate


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Use of Funds

48% Engineering
23% Sales/Marketing
5% Customer Support
5% Operations/IT
2% Finance
17% Administration

Business Description

DHN Solutions is a B2B SaaS company that increases uptake of preventive care services with its cloud-based, automated mPATH™ program.

Company Background

mPATH™ was developed by physicians who wondered why major industries like travel and banking empowered people to manage their needs with technology, while healthcare did not. This inspired the creation of mPATH™, an automated program for routine health screenings developed with over $6 million in competitive funding from the NIH. DHN Solutions formed in 2021, acquired the exclusive worldwide license to develop and market mPATH™ in 2022, and signed its first commercial customer within 6 months of licensing.


A large proportion of patients fail to receive life-saving screening tests. This lowers healthcare organizations’ published quality ratings and reduces revenue. Health systems attempt to close these quality gaps by using “patient navigators,” typically nursing staff who try to call patients one by one to encourage needed screening. This approach is expensive and difficult to scale.


mPATH™ is an automated low-cost, cloud-based program that finds individuals who need a preventive care service, educates them with personalized information, and empowers them to “self-order” their care. mPATH™ is based on over 10 years of NIH-funded research resulting in peer-reviewed medical publications documenting its effectiveness. To date mPATH™ has been used in over 60,000 patient encounters.

Technologies/Special Know-how

Our trade secrets are derived from over 10 years of research on digital health applications prior to company formation. When it comes to overcoming patient and system barriers to routine screening, we have learned what works and we have learned what fails. We are the only digital health company in our space with multiple peer-reviewed publications showing that our solution works.


Our primary customers are the 2,200 integrated healthcare systems and Accountable Care Organizations in the US who care for the 115 million Americans in our target age range. Automation is a $200+ billion and growing global market. The TAM for mPATH™ in the US is $978M.


“Health navigation” is a nascent market. Currently, no other companies are doing what mPATH does. Our near competitors (such as i2i Population Health) let healthcare systems send simple text messages to patients who may need a preventive service, but they do not incorporate mPATH’s logic, educational videos, or system support features.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

mPATH™ is sold under a SaaS subscription. We generate revenue for our customers through increased billing for preventive care tests/downstream care and through increased quality bonus payments (Medicare Quality Bonus payments exceeded $10B in 2022). Our first commercial customer is a large accountable care organization. We will market mPATH™ via trade shows, trade journals, and a direct sales staff. We will also convert current NIH trial health systems to commercial customers.