Name: Jose P. Quiros
Company:  F3TCH, Inc.
Email:  [email protected]


Jose P. Quiros, Co-Founder & CEO
Jaime L. Turney, Co-Founder & CFO
Jaime & Jose ran and operated the largest hotel telephone manufacturer in the world.

Key Advisors/Board Members

Bill Oates (ex-CIO Starwood)
Charlie Field (Ex SVP, New England for Windstream)
Winston Starts Mentors (Bruce Maxwell & B0b Boles)



Year Founded

2017 (patents filed)

Number of Employees

FT: 2
Contractors: 6

Current Investors

Boot strapped ($225,000) and ongoing
Chris Pardue- $35,000
Ashley Mann-$35,000
Pending- $25,000

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought

$1.25 million

Use of Funds

50% Product Development
20% Marketing/Sales
25% Operation
0% Existing Debt
5% Legal/Other

Business Description
F3TCH sells a mobile application to hotels & resorts that allows them to offer guests a powerful way to communicate with their checked-in property, through their own mobile device, and enables hotels to increase guest satisfaction, upsell existing services & amenities, and lower operational costs.
Company Background
Jose & Jaime, the co-founders, worked in the hotel industry for many years. Specifically manufacturing the very telephones they now plan to upgrade with their new solution. A few years after leaving the industry, they noted the dominant solution worldwide had not changed (the hotel telephone). They thought there was a much better way to solve the hotel industry’s guest experience problem through a more advanced communications platform. They applied for patents and developed F3TCH.
Hotels need to modernize their guest communications. The current solution worldwide is the hotel telephone. Nearly 40% of the industry’s revenues are from non-lodging. In other words, services & amenities, like Room Service, comprise about $95 billion annually just in the US. That revenue stream along with the all-important metric of “guest experience” is largely dependent on that landline (hotel telephone). In short hotels are offering a limited voice only landline solution to their modern mobile guests.

F3TCH is a patented solution that offers the hotels a way to modernize and upgrade their current solution (the hotel telephone). By offering flexibility in how a guest (or hotel) can communicate, via Voice, Text, Rich Text, F3TCH helps the hotel improve guest satisfaction, upsell their services & amenities as well as improve their operational efficiency. F3TCH operates on a smart platform that offers hotels incredible new opportunities to service their guests and customize their stay.

Technologies/Special Know-how
Discuss the source(s) of your technology and highlight the Provide aspects of your product that may be protected by IP or patent law. Provide evidence of how your offerings are different and will be able to develop a barrier to entry for potential competitors.
We are in the hospitality market, starting in the US and working our way to overseas. $415 million in SaaS as a worldwide market plus ad/referral opportunities.
Predominantly the hotel guest room telephone as offered by a few manufacturers
Business Model and Distribution Channels
Our go to market is distribution, we are using many of our old network of dealers.  Working with PhoneSuite to access their installed 500,000 room ($10 mm in ARR to F3TCH)  inventory for example.  We are a B2B2C, SaaS product.