Momtech Inc.

Name: Hal Eason
Company: Momtech Inc.
Email: [email protected]


Hal Eason, CEO – serial entrepreneur, former Bain consultant, HBS MBA

Carr Lane Quackenbush, Chief Innovation Officer – former president, Medela

Meg Alden, MD, Chief Medical Officer – pediatrician, biomedical engineer

Kristen Fields, Director of Marketing – former AVP L’Oreal

Key Advisors/Board Members

Anita Balaji – Director


Femtech, consumer products

Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 3
PT: 4

Current Investors

$5M raised from institutions, family offices, and angels
HBS Alumni Angels
FCP Ventures
Fulcrum Financial Partners
Arial Savannah Angel Ptnrs
Wisconsin Investment Ptnrs

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought


Use of Funds

50% Product Development
20% Marketing/Sales
15% Operation/Inventory
15% Administrative

Business Description

Momtech, under its “mōmi” brand, makes life better for moms and their babies with revolutionary patented products that replicate natural nursing – the “bottle that works like a mom” and the “breast pump that works like a baby”.

Company Background
When Carr Lane Quackenbush retired as president of the country’s leading breast pump company, he knew the industry had not yet delivered products that biomechanically replicate natural nursing in a way that solves major problems. He spent the next ten years researching, innovating, prototyping, testing, and patenting these products.
Babies struggle with bottles – they either love the bottle and refuse to return to the breast, or they hate the bottle and hold mom captive 24/7. Similarly, moms hate their breast pumps. The pumps cause pain and swelling because they operate on vacuum, unlike the baby’s mouth which applies positive pressure with the tongue to alleviate swelling and pain.

The mōmi bottle nipple is the only nipple with (patented) compression shut-off, replicating the biomechanical function of nursing to overcome bottle refusal and nipple confusion.

The patented mōmi breast pump uses a soft silicone bladder to apply positive pressure like a baby’s tongue, in addition to suction, to extract milk naturally, reducing pain and swelling.

Technologies/Special Know-how
The revolutionary nature of our products is evidenced by our portfolio of 8 issued US patents covering both core technologies, plus numerous international counterparts and pending applications.
Baby bottles and breast pumps are a $4B global market growing 5% annually. Initial target segments in the bottle space are (a) affluent households, (b) “natural products” consumers and (c) parents of bottle-refuser babies.

Baby bottles are a fragmented industry with little innovation in decades. Most players seek to differentiate on claims of “natural” – expressed in shape, appearance, even color – but only mōmi delivers natural biomechanical function.

Breast pump innovation in recent years has focused on miniaturization and convenience. Willow and Elvie have proven the ability to disrupt entrenched Medela and Spectra. mōmi enters the scene with disruption along a new dimension – comfort.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

Momtech launched sales of the mōmi bottle in December 2022 direct-to-consumer from our web site. We plan to explore retail opportunities beginning in mid-2023.

Our Director of Marketing previously grew a $100M women’s consumer product brand from 12% share to 20% share over six years, with strategies encompassing d2c and major retail alike. She brings the playbook and experience to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy.