Contact: Josh Cooper, Co-founder
Address: 51 E. 4th St., Apt 1602, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (919) 636-0380
Email: [email protected]


Josh Cooper, President, full-time Collins Aerospace 
Samuel Marcom, CEO, full-time BotBuilt 
Dario Muller, CTO, part-time Apple 

Key Advisors/Board Members
Stan Parker, lead mentor
Steel fabrication
Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 2
PT: 1
Contractors: 2



Law Firm

Schnell Bray

Current Investors

$24k personal funds
$57.5k F&F Convertible Note

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought


Use of Funds

67% COGS
11% Sales
10% Engineering
5% Admin
4% Marketing
3% Legal & other

Business Description
CN-Seamless designs and manufacturer metal-working robots that are as seamless to use as smartphones.
Company Background
CN-Seamless emerged from an NCSU senior design project, sparked by Sam’s insight into the demand for portable, precise metalworking in steel mills. By May 2022, they developed two prototypes to validate the concept. Juggling full-time jobs and graduate studies, the founders tirelessly refined field-ready versions to meet the need for deployable precision metalworking. Positive reviews motivated Josh and Sam to pursue the venture full-time, secure F&F capital, and scale inventory for growth.
360,000 new welding professionals will be needed by 2027, and with 1.b tons of steel demand in 2022 there’s more demand for skilled tradesmen than ever. Competitors produce semi-portable solutions that require trained programmers to operate or encourage fabricators to outsource to machine shops- extending timelines and costs.
CN-Seamless offers portable metal fabrication machines that turn amateurs into high-performing metal fabricators. The software included with the machine makes onsite fabrication easier than ever before and the compact form factor saves our customers valuable space in their shops or work truck. Sub 5-minute setup time and a modular attachment system encourages our customers to reach for the CN-Seamless machine over their hand torches or welders every time.
Technologies/Special Know-how
The CN-Seamless modular CNC system is currently patent pending and once approved will protect the innovative mechanical design that makes it possible to condense the precision of a full-size CNC table into a compact form that is also capable of accepting a range of fabrication tools. Critical parts of the software that enable quick setup and ease of use are also patentable.
460,000 laborers in the United States use manual fabrication techniques that can be enhanced by the CN-Seamless Mach 1. This extends from industries like commercial construction, to shipbuilding, railroad service, fabricated metal products manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, utilities, and more.
Competitors such as Bug-O Systems, Koike Aronson, Lincoln Electric, and Miller Electric are OEM’s in metal fabrication that have the capability of releasing similar products to the CN-Seamless Mach 1. The largest risk is a larger company emulating the Mach 1 before CN-Seamless establishes a reputation for being the premium portable fabrication machine.
Business Model and Distribution Channels
CN-Seamless currently operates through B2B channels, leveraging the network of satisfied customers and positive testimonials. With larger brand awareness, manufacturers reps will be enticed to sell CN-Seamless products to their customers for a 7-15% commission. CN-Seamless currently converts of 70% of their live demonstrations to sales, having 2 units in the field and 5 units pre-sold for $7k each as an early-adopter rate. Survey feedback from demonstrations suggest an eventual price of $12-15k is justifiable and the additional release of new attachments for plasma cutting, beveling, and welding will be sold for $3-5k. The portable nature of the product will allow web sales to reach customers across the United States, and a relationship with welding supply retailers like Arc3 gases will encourage further growth.