RedBrick Entertainment

Contact: John Williams CEO
Address: 500 W Fourth St (4th Floor) Winston Salem NC, 27101
Phone:  (919) 525-6231
Email: [email protected]

John Williams-CEO
Key Advisors/Board Members

John Aggrey-Unicorn Group
Dan Cohen- Wake Forest
Greg Pool- Wake Forest
Sam Chason-Storage Scholars 
Matt Gronberg-Storage Scholars

Events, Entertainment, Data
Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 1
PT: 0
Contractors: 1


Wells Fargo

Law Firm


Current Investors

60k of Personal Funds Invested

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought


Use of Funds

33% Product Development
26% New Employees
13% Materials
12% Marketing/ Sales
12% Existing Debt
4% Legal/Other

Business Description
RedBrick Entertainment is a turnkey solution for universities planning, hosting, and measuring events.
Company Background
After years helping my university plan events, I recognized that the system was laborious, underperformed, and antiquated. From this experience RedBrick Entertainment was created to modernize the way universities engage with their students.

University events face challenges such as poor attendance, planning difficulties, and lack of measurement.

Our streamlined process reduces planning time by 70%, boosts student turnout by 10x, and doubles satisfaction rates. After Universities choose events from our catalog, we deliver customizable pre-planned content, and receive materials through our one-stop-shop platform.


We focus on creating impactful events that students love. We then develop technology, products, and systems to streamline the planning, execution, and measurement of that event. Ultimately we help universities reduce the cost, time, labor needed for events, while increasing the overall student impact.

Technologies/Special Know-how

RBE App V1 is  currently live on Apple and Google Play Store.

Initial target market is 4 year liberal arts schools in North Carolina. Nationwide there are 2,800+ 4 year institutions in the country and over 4.83 billion spent on college events annual. University enrollment grew 2.1% last year.
Our biggest competitors are universities themselves. Because they have departments which are responsible for planning and hosting events, our biggest challenge is apathy. Our model is different from other 3rd party vendors, because we designed a system to enhance these departments output not replace them.
Business Model and Distribution Channels

We are focusing on selling smaller projects with shorter sales cycles to 4 year universities in North Carolina. This will allow us to bring in revenue as we create a track record. We will then leverage this success into selling our event offerings in bundles instead of one off events.