Contact: Timothy Parker  – CEO – Founder
Address: 1014 Simplicity Irvine, CA 92620
Phone:  (714)-684-4234
Email: [email protected]


Jeremie Joncas – COO
Blake Zweigle – CCO
Harvest Smith – Business Development

Key Advisors/Board Members

Doc Derek Ham NC State University – Department Head of Media Arts, Design and Technology, Associate Professor of Media, Arts, Design and Technology


Social Media, Sports and Gaming

Year Founded

July 1st, 2021

Number of Employees

FT: 7


Mercury Bank

Law Firm

Spring Legal

Current Investors

Mark Brooks Sr, Private Investor : $30,000

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought


Use of Funds

40% Product Development
30% Marketing/Sales
20% Operation
10% Legal/Other
0% Existing Debt

Business Description

Spaciom stands as a revolutionary 3D social media platform, redefining social interaction through immersive experiences and innovative connectivity.

Company Background

Spaciom, conceived from the frustration of social media users battling for visibility in a time-based format, addresses the pain points hindering brand immersion, revenue, and retention. Built on visionary principles, our 3D Social Media Platform transcends these limitations, providing a foundation for meaningful, immersive interactions that redefine digital connections while ensuring sustained user engagement and business success.


In the realm of social media, the ongoing struggle for visibility within a time-based framework hampers total brand immersion and impacts revenue and retention strategies.

Solution:  Distinguished from conventional profile pages, content creators and brands utilize Spaciom to craft personalized 3D rooms, heightening visibility and enabling immersive connections, guiding consumers seamlessly through the sales funnel.


A fully customizable 3D Room, integrating social features, marketplace, branded personalization, monetization programs, and early feature access. Our tiered format (freemium, premium, and enterprise) offers exclusive advertising and partnership opportunities.

Technologies/Special Know-how

Leveraging Unreal Engine, users custom design the functionality and utility of their 3D rooms. Our assets seamlessly connect to real-world items, employing NFC chip technology and proprietary innovations for a sophisticated user experience.


With our primary focus on men’s and women’s NCAA sports, professional sports leagues, motorsports, art, and esports. Capturing the advertising, B2C e-commerce markets, and diverse e-commerce user demographics.


In a landscape dominated by Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Meta, our strategic advantage lies in focusing on the thriving college sports scene. With the growing popularity and NIL opportunities, our approach offers unmatched potential for brands and content creators to outpace competitors.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

User access, advertising, subscription plan, sale of digital/physical assets, transaction fees, royalties, B2B, content creators, and brand promotion.