Stemz, Inc

Name: Amy Dunlap
Address: 1001 S. Marshall Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 336-875-0351

Stemz is a logistics & tech company focused on building a consistent and convenient distribution system for US-grown flowers.
Financial Information

Company Stage: Revenue generating  since 2020, First Round Closed: $282,500 Previous Capital: $65,000 

‘23 YTD YOY growth: 34% 

‘23 Projected Gross: $315K 

Total Buyers: 281, 3 metro markets Total Farms: 25, 4 hubs (NC & VA) – additional Raleigh hub opening 2024

Management Team

CEO/Founder: Amy Dunlap. 20+ year career in the floral industry including studio ownership for 13 years, Amy created STEMZ as a solution to pain points she experienced while trying to source local florals for her business. 

CMO/Co-Founder: Claire Parrish. With 20+ years in NPD & corporate  brand/marketing, and as an active flower farmer, she brings experience for strategy & growth, along with the voice of the farmer to STEMZ.


Richard Hays, Board Member 
Lauren McCullough, Advisor  
Michael Goff, Advisor 
Member, Winston Starts


NC IDEA Micro & Seed Grant Recipient: $60,000 

NC AgVentures Marketing Grant  Recipient : $8,000 

Converge, Capital Connects &  Launch Place Presenter

Business Description

Stemz is scalable, US-grown cut flower distribution powered by intuitive technology, providing a reliable, profitable solution that works for wholesale buyers & farm partners.

The Problem
While 80% of US floral purchases are imported, florists & designers want access to locally-grown flowers for their diversity, superior quality, consumer preference & sustainability. However, there is no consistent & convenient way to source local flowers. US & NC growers have product to sell, but have difficulty effectively managing growing, marketing, sales & distribution. Frustrated buyers then continue to purchase imports based on convenience & availability.
The Solution
Stemz pairs a seamless interface with logistics to connect US flower farms & buyers. Through efficient aggregation & distribution capabilities at regional hubs, Stemz has created a scalable, disruptive system that solves availability & accessibility for buyers. For growers, Stemz provides a profitable sales channel, and proactively provides pricing guidance & trend forecasts, ensuring growers have the right product at the right time.
Target Market
Stemz targets florists & designers in the wholesale market, projecting to source 15% share ($300M) from the import market once at scale nationwide. Industry forecasts suggest a continuing ~10% YOY rise in the overall interest in locally-grown products.
Competitive Advantage

Stemz is the only solution that solves the critical unmet needs of both sides in the floral industry. While options like directories, collective 

marketplaces, online hubs & traditional wholesalers exist, each leaves key issues unaddressed, and/or have constraints that limit their ability to match Stemz’ capabilities.

Revenue Model

Stemz purchases flowers from regional growers & sells them to florists & designers, along with delivery/service fees. Growers pay an annual membership fee, and growers outside of our service range can purchase our floral forecasting reports to generate additional revenue. Stemz  plans to franchise nationwide starting in 2027.