Three Strands Recovery Wear

Contact: Leah Wyrick
Phone: 704-738-7303
Email: [email protected]

Leah Wyrick CEO & Founder Three Strands Recovery Wear
Key Advisors/Board Members

Julia Townsend
Valerie Bleza 
Bonnie Bowen

Healthcare / Fashion
Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 1
PT:  2


Bank of America

Law Firm
Kilpatrick Townsend / Dan Taylor
Current Investors

100% Bootstrapped 

NC IDEA Micro & Seed Recipient 

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Use of Funds

70% Working Capital for Inventory
20% Personnel
10% Marketing

Business Description
Three Strands Recovery Wear is dedicated to enhancing the healing journey of post-surgical patients through our revolutionary product, the Resilience Bra. Our mission is to positively impact every patient’s recovery, offering exceptional comfort and ensuring a supportive post-surgical experience.
Company Background
Leah Wyrick established Three Strands Recovery Wear in 2018 during her freshman year at Wake Forest University. Motivated by her mother’s journey through breast cancer, Leah witnessed the challenges of recovery, concerning drains and uncomfortable bras. Inspired by her mother’s experience, Leah embarked on a mission to tackle the stagnation in today’s surgical bras, aiming to provide meaningful solutions for others undergoing similar challenges.
Today 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and the post-surgery recovery is incredibly traumatic for patients. Today, there is no recovery garment solution that effectively manages post-surgical drains, adapts to a patient’s changing body throughout the healing process, offers the comfort needed for 24/7 wear over 6-8 weeks and is aesthetically pleasing to help restore self-confidence in patients.
Three Strands Recovery Wear has created recovery wear tailored for women to mitigate the risk of post-surgical complications. The Resilience Bra solves all 4 of the critical challenges faced by patients with our patented features that prioritize drain management, bra adjustment, comfort, and individualized style, catering uniquely to each patient.
Technologies/Special Know-how

The Resilience Bra is a patent-pending medical device that is reimbursable through Medicare and private insurance.

Today, there are 1 million breast surgeries in the US, providing a total US market opportunity of 265 million. Globally, there are 11 million breast surgeries, presenting a global market opportunity of 2 billion.
Our current largest competitors in mastectomy boutiques is Amoena, while our largest competitor in the hospitals is Masthead. These competitors alone make up 30% of the compression bra market, however the Resilience Bra is already beginning to replace these products with the support of our NC partnerships.
Business Model and Distribution Channels
Three Strands Recovery Wear operates on a wholesale model, strategically connecting with oncology and plastic surgery departments to secure endorsements. This approach enables direct sales to hospitals, but the company prefers collaborating with local mastectomy boutiques for a more patient-centric experience and streamlined insurance reimbursement.