Vetro Gaming

Contact: Thomas Conrad (Founder)
Address: 500 W 5th St. Suite 400 Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 407-9070
Email: [email protected]

Vetro Gaming

Thomas Conrad (Founder) – Has been learning about the retro video gaming modification community since 2020. Have restored and modified 1,000+ Game Boy consoles

Key Advisors/Board Members

No advisors/board members


Retro Video Gaming Industry

Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 1 (self)
Contractor: 1 (Contract expired. Intending to renew soon.)


First National Bank of Pennsylvania

Law Firm


Current Investors

$25K bank loan; $6k QuickBooks loan (paid off early); $10k friends and family gift.

Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought

TBD – will need to discuss with mentor(s)

Use of Funds

TBD – will need to discuss with mentor(s)

Business Description

Enhancing the retro video gaming experience through offering custom upgrades and made-to-order retro video gaming consoles. 

Company Background

Started out by restoring retro video games, but discovered the video game modding community and transitioned to selling DIY modification kits such as backlit screens and rechargeable battery mods for Game Boy consoles. To reduce the inventory costs, I am currently transitioning to only selling made-to-order custom Game Boy consoles and focusing on social media marketing to promote our consoles along with affiliate marketing for products in the retro video gaming space.


There is a large community of retro video gaming enthusiasts who want to play retro consoles from their childhood, but are frustrated by the outdated technology they experience while playing them. We address the pain points from the source and upgrade the displays with modern screens, rechargeable batteries, audio amplifiers, bluetooth capabilities, and more.


We are phasing out of selling modification kits as a distributor and focusing solely on selling custom, made-to-order consoles where gamers pick the colors and modification upgrades they want on the console. By reducing inventory solely to made-to-order consoles, I will be able to focus on creating media content around a much broader range of retro video gaming products. In doing so, I also reduce the headache of tying large amounts of capital into inventory and would nearly eliminate the hassle of returns, troubleshooting help, customer support, and warehouse space.

Technologies/Special Know-how

No IP or patents required for protection. However, I have established wholesale/reseller relationships with some of the largest brands in the retro video gaming space, allowing significantly discounted inventory/supply costs. As I transition the business to become more of a retro video gaming media company than an inventory-based business, I will utilize my existing and rapidly-growing email list alongside social media content to promote products in the retro video gaming space.

  • Predominantly male demographic
  • Generally higher education
  • Late 20s to early 30s age range
  • Grew up with retro video gaming consoles
  • Relatively high household income (~$100k/yr)

Global video game market size is 200B in 2023 & expected to continue YOY growth


Current competitors are distributors of retro video gaming modifications, including HandHeldLegend, Retro Game Repair Shop, and Retro Modding. As we transition to more of a retro video gaming media company, our current competitors will actually become partners through creating media that drives demand to their storefronts.  

Business Model and Distribution Channels

Current channels: Made-to-order consoles; DIY modification kits (phasing out); affiliate revenue

Future channels: AdSense revenue from YouTube and blog posts; Brand deals & sponsorships