Y’all Company

Contact: Josh McGee, Co-Founder & Sauce Boss
Address: 990 Vernon Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: 336-602-3105
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.yallsauce.com & www.appalachiangold.com


Josh McGee, Co-Founder,President & Operations

Mark Williams-Co-Founder & CFO

Key Advisors/Board Members

Rob DiBella-DiBella Consulting

Mark Romero-Fountain City Foods

Terry Meyer-Kosmo Q BBQ

CPG focus on shelf stable food products
Year Founded


Number of Employees

FT: 1
Contracted: 2



Law Firm


Current Investors

Friends and Family-$102,000


Monthly Burn Rate


Financing Sought


Use of Funds

$20K-Sauce Inventory for Wholesale and Food Service Sizes(includes labels, bottles, caps, safety rings and ingredients)


$15K-Shippers for Retail Display

$10K-Hire Part Time Brand Ambassadors

$10K-R&D and New Market Opportunities

$25K-Refinance High Interest Debt

Business Description

Y’all Company is a B2B social enterprise that highlights the best of the South through our sauces, Y’all Sauce.  Chef Crafted and Southern Inspired products that brings flavor to any household.  Every purchase of Y’all Sauce helps fight rural poverty. It’s YEE-HAW In a Bottle!

Company Background

 Josh’s background in restaurants and former co-founder’s, Paige Harlow, design and marketing background, they were trying to figure out a way to do good in the world through Southern food.  We started selling at the Cobblestone Farmers Market in 2018 with our sauces.  In 2024, we are in 20 states, 3 countries with over 100 vendors. Looking at our supply chain, we wanted to give farmers an outlet to use farm fresh ingredients to convert to shelf stable products.  This way areas of rural poverty can keep economic stability and that is why we created Appalachian Gold.


How do you busy families “win” supper when it is an afterthought? Also, how do you incorporate “value-add” products in people’s everyday lives when less cooking occurs? Our products bring that creativity and flair to all dishes and people understand what they are buying is doing some good in the world!


Kentucky Henry Bain, Award Winning Tennessee Jezebel, Mississippi Comeback,Mama’s Meat Sauce

Technologies/Special Know-how

Y’all Company owns the registered trademark of Y’all Sauce Co, Y’all Company, Appalachian Gold and other maker’s marks for food and apparel.


Based upon Mintel’s 2022 summary for the US Condiment market, the industry is to grow to $10.7 billion by 2026 with an increase of 2% each year. Our sauces provide a standard for Boomers who are used to ketchup and mustard flavors and allows us to go after Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z with unique flavors, convenience and social awareness of our products. Our target market is women, middle class, has children and affluent from the ages of 26-46.


Unfortunately, the sauce and condiment market is very crowded.  Competitors such as Bourbon Barrel Foods, Red Clay Hot Sauce and Cackalacky showcase the growing trends for bold and unique flavors in everyday cooking.  Y’all Company can set ourselves apart by highlighting the importance of our supply chain and the preserving historical Southern sauces and recipes.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

We are currently over $100k in sales for 2023 and projecting $250K in 2024. Our “grow” to market strategy is simple, hit regional retail groceries chains and  regional fast food chains within a mile to two mile radius of each other. We are in current talks with Biscuitville and Dair-O working to be on their menus as limited time offer in efforts to sell them industry size and eventually be on their menu full time. We have completed a deal with Lowe’s Foods by the end of Jan 2024.  When people taste our products at restaurants and drive a short distance to buy our products at the store, it is a win/win for all of us!  We are hoping to increase low sale categories in the restaurants and increase meat and seafood sales in the grocery stores with our products.