Our cohort companies are building the future right here within our walls. Learn more about these visionary founders and the passions that drive them.


Neal Simpson and Sara Simpson

Unconventional Experience Makers

Inspired by the limitations in mobile programming for travel, co-founders Neal and Sarah Simpson and their proven tech team are building immersive travel experiences for mobile devices.

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Karen Cuthrell

CEO (Chief Emotions Officer)

*Original Cohort Company

Founder Karen Cuthrell has developed a unique and innovative Social Emotional Learning program for early childhood educators that teaches children to identify, express and manage their feelings.

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Amy Roberts

Leader of Dietitian Fruition

Reimbursement reimagined for Dieticians. Founder Amy Roberts and her skilled team handles the insurance paperwork and billing processes for dieticians so they can focus on improving their patients’ lives.

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Doug Young, Martha Benbow, Bill Stomp, Joe Chandler

Chief Empowerment OfficerS

KWIKR is a breakthrough app empowering local business to compete in e-commerce. KWIKR is led by Chief Empowerment Officer Dan Sims. KWIKR is guided by an incredibly experienced and capable group of founders consisting of Doug Young, Martha Benbow, Joe Chandler and Bill Stomp.

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Colt Parsons

Pioneer of Global Mobility

Founded by a team of veterans from the enterprise technology, telecommunications and international operations fields, MRP is focused on simplifying the logistical and operational complexity of mobile and loT devices in enterprise.

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Andy Bowline

Peace of Mind Provider

Founder Andy Bowline used his IT background and personal experience of watching parents care for aging family members to create Nvolve, an innovative system of medication monitoring helping loved ones stay healthier longer in the most dignified way possible.

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Adriana Granados

Photographic FUN-raiser

Architect and designer Adriana Granados has created PixGift as an original fundraising platform driven by photographic images to learn and rethink creative ways of donor engagement and build a community around the greater good

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Portrait_Gina_Still NEW.jpg

Jeanna Carr

Rental Relationship Builder

Rent Assured is modernizing the rental industry with a transformative PropTech solution that leverages innovative features to digitize workflows and elevate transparency for all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of tenancy. Created by landlords, Jeanna Carr and Bobbie Shrivastav who are on a mission to take the uncertainty and stress out of renting. Made for landlords, loved by tenants.

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Jake Teitelbaum

Cozy-Footed Fighter

*original cohort company

Originating from an unfamiliar feeling of helplessness and a cancer patient, founder Jake Teitelbaum is transforming that experience into action through the fundraising impact of custom- designed hospital socks.

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Sarah Lupton

Chief Storytelling Officer

*Original Cohort Company

Shift is an innovative video production company that specializes in original documentaries for brands and organizations. Founder Sarah Lupton has travelled the world with a passion for strategic storytelling.

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Dr. Bill Satterwhite

Savant of Sickness

*original cohort company

Sneez is an illness tracking app created by Dr. Bill Satterwhite and Dr. Steve Hodges that allows parents to easily see what bugs are showing up at their kids’ schools.

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Angela Jenkins


*original cohort company

Solarte is a luxury body and hair care brand that captures the essence of Provence with pure, nourishing ingredients such as lavender, verbena, and shea. The brand and CEO Angela Jenkins are especially driven to empower women to overcome adverse relationships and life circumstances.

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Carl Turner

Captain Curbside

*original cohort company

Founder Carl Turner’s vision is to create the Tinder for food. Swipeby is an innovative app that lets consumers explore and order delicious dishes from local restaurants with just a swipe and curb-side pickup.

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Rob Arnold

The Threat Master

Threat Sketch is a proprietary technology company that provides cyber security risk assessments for small and medium businesses allowing them to managing cyber risk strategically like larger companies with deep IT resources.

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Woody Rich.jpeg

Woody Rich

CTO - Chief Timber Officer

Trade Tec is a leading technology company in the forest industry, providing software solutions for lumber and log inventory management, accounting, scaling and grading. Its proprietary TallyWorks Suite is used extensively across North America to improve business management.

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Olivia Wolff and Lauren Miller

Goodness Gurus

*original cohort company

UpDog started with two women, Lauren Miller and Olivia Wolff, with a passion for kombucha and healthy living. What began as a hobby has turned into a flourishing fermented tea business that has spread across North Carolina and beyond.

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John Quinn

Data Doctor

With a deep experience in digitally-focused businesses and data analytics, founder, John Quinn launched Wellnecity into the health-tech space with the vision of rebuilding health care in the US by driving waste out of the system leading to improved care and decreased cost.

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Gary Daemer.jpg

Gary Daemer

Security Architect

With its innovative “Build. Test. Defend.” methodology, Infusion Points protects its government agency and private company clients’ information against cyber security risks.

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Logan Harvey

wake forest startup select

FanPark is an app-based marketplace that bridges the gap between parking lot owners, private business owners, and private property owners and fans of all types to allow for parking spaces to be reserved ahead of time.

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Proodos Photo-5.png


Akhil Pendalwar, Maggie Pendalwar and Josh Pendalwar

Professional Pathfinders

Proodos is a data science company focused on next generation project management technology. Inspired by GPS and navigation, Proodos's intuitive web application helps teams proactively “route” projects to avoid risks and deliver on-time.

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