Clever Education Solutions

Clever Education Solutions is a women-owned business, developing Cordelia, a school management platform specifically targeting Montessori schools at first, and then private, independent schools. The current Montessori market lacks comprehensive, simple, and affordable all-in-one, Montessori-specific systems that would reduce the stress and waste of time of managing multiple, disjointed platforms. In small- and medium-sized schools particularly, administrators wear multiple hats and have their hands in everything. They are inundated by administrative tasks that take them away from why they got into the education field in the first place. Furthermore, administrators and teachers are overburdened by health and safety protocols, challenged to respond to students with a large variety of learning needs, and responsible to prepare students for a much more complex world. They are yearning to increase the time spent on what matters most: teaching students, supporting staff, and building their community.