How AI Empowered Ventures Will Become the Most Promising Investment Opportunities

Join us on September 11th to hear David Gardner speak on how Artificial Intelligence is shaping how investors are evaluating investment opportunities. The event will take place at Winston Starts (500 West 5th Street [Fourth Floor]) from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Admission is free and registration is required.

About David Gardner: David Gardner is a serial entrepreneur, writer, adviser, and early-stage fund manager with over thirty-five years of experience in creating and building software technology companies. He is the founding partner of Cofounders Capital, a $12M seed fund, the success of which led to a second $31M fund.  As an entrepreneur, David was the founder or co-founder of seven companies including PeopleClick (purchased for $100 million) and Report2Web, which sold for $12M in less than eleven months from inception. He has demonstrated a record for consistency across multiple industries with six successful exits in a row… and one he refuses to talk about.