Customized Coaching

Programs designed to meet you where you are and provide the customized support needed to advance to the next stage in your startup journey.

Lean In

Our Lean In program delivers a customized experience tailored to each company’s specific needs and current stage of development. The company’s founders work with their Lean In Coach and mentor team to develop a plan for addressing the company’s most critical challenges and opportunities, accelerating the path to scaling. 


Business Reviews

Approximately every six months there is a Stride or Waypoint review. The Stride review is with WS Leadership and mentors on business progress. At each 12-month membership interval, the company will have the Waypoint review with Winston Starts Leadership and Mentor Advisory Group.


Investor Readiness & Raise

Investor Readiness & Raise helps qualified companies prepare to raise capital. The program consists of five sessions and meets every 5-6 weeks over the course of six months.


Pitch, Practice, & Present

Pitch, Practice and Present are opportunities to practice and refine your presentations to investors, customers and/or boards in a risk free setting to help you be your best when it counts the most.  Practice makes perfect!