Jason Wandersee

Jason is an entrepreneurial executive that loves the challenge of building, improving and fixing businesses. He has a strong background in sales and finance while leading organizations as CEO, President, COO, and CFO. Jason has broad industry expertise from SaaS, medical device, manufacturing, telecommunications, consumer products, marketing agencies, etc. He is passionate about developing high-performing teams and creating alignment between people and strategy and building strong cultures
He has successfully delivered results – raising capital ($1 – $5 million each) for five early-stage companies as part of the management team, managed an $11 million PE backed management buyout of a SaaS company in 60 days, turned-around two companies, led the sale of three companies to strategic buyers, and has yielded exceptional returns to investors – one over 10x return to investors.
He has invested in and been a board member in several private companies over his career. He is a father of 7 children – so spends most of his non-work time driving, cleaning, coaching, teaching and refereeing sibling disputes… He is active in his local church.