Mentor a Startup

There are several ways you can engage with our founders to offer your expert insights and advice on how to grow and scale their businesses. Find a role that is right for you.




Time (hours)

Lean In Coach

Lead 12-week customized learning and development program designed to create a scaling roadmap for assigned companies.  Identify and access other mentors as needed.  Outcomes will include one page summary of company’s Current Situation and Strategic Opportunities over the next 12 months and a Lean Canvas 1.0.  Lean Canvas will be updated by founders for each Stride and Waypoint meetings.

  • Meeting Prep
  • Plan Design
  • Weekly meeting
  • Follow Up
  • Waypoint prep/meeting






22.0  per Lean In

Lead Mentor

Point person for the company during their Winston Starts residency.  Guide, advise and coach companies through strategic and tactical development of all aspects of their business. Hold assigned companies accountable for timely development and execution of their business plans.  Coordinate with Winston Starts to ensure appropriate resources – people, expertise, and capital – are engaged.

  • Lean In Meetings
  • Regular Meetings
  • Stride Updates
  • Waypoint Updates
  • Pitch Events/P3

 6.0 – 12.0

12.0 – 24.0




21.0 – 36.0/year 1

Specialty Mentor

Subject matter expert engaged by the Lead Mentor & founder to provide in-depth knowledge and guidance in a functional area (marketing, sales, Bus Dev, supply chain, technology, accounting, etc.) and/or for a vertical/industry.

  • Planning & Update Meetings

3.0 – 5.0/company

Onboard Auditor

Reviews and evaluates legal, financial and technology status of all applicants before official admittance. Provides a high-level status report of findings to Winston Starts staff, the assigned mentor team and Lean In Coach.

  • Review documentation
  • Founder meeting
  • Complete spreadsheet assessment tool





P3 Coach

Play the role of either a potential investor, potential customer or board member and provide feedback to founder on practice pitches/presentations.

  • Meeting



Provide limited consulting advice in a functional area and/or for a specific industry/vertical.

  • Meeting

1.0-  2.0/


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