Winston Starts and Vision to Venture™ Partnering to Help Early-Stage Entrepreneurs


Winston Starts and Vision to Venture™ Partnering to Help Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
The new program will teach entrepreneurs how to turn ideas into startup businesses

October 2, 2023 — Winston Starts and Vision to Venture™ announced today they are partnering to introduce a new customized 10-week program called EXPLORE. The program is designed to provide resources, coaching, and a proven roadmap to guide and support entrepreneurs during the critical stages of ideation, discovery, value proposition development, and validation.

Entrepreneurs with an idea about how to uniquely solve a real problem using a nationally scalable business model will learn how to do the following:
Week 1: Startup Basics
Week 2: Understanding Customers and Their Problems
Week 3: Creating Value and Solutions
Week 4: Reaching Customers Effectively
Week 5: Money Matters. Funding Your Business
Week 6: Measuring Success and Improving
Week 7: Finding Your Edge and Building Prototypes
Week 8: Testing and Tweaking
Week 9: Going to Market and Growing
Week 10: Summing It Up & Getting Started

Mike Buckovich and Kami Leslie of Vision to Venture™ will lead the development, management, and delivery of the EXPLORE program.

“Both Mike and Kami have extensive experience providing mentoring, coaching, and support to entrepreneurs. We are thrilled that they are partnering with us on this mission-critical strategic initiative,” commented Stan Parker, Winston Starts President. “Successful EXPLORE graduates will be candidates for formal admission into Winston Starts, where they will receive ongoing resources to support them in the next stage of their startup journey, scaling and growth.”

The 10-week EXPLORE program will be held in-person at Winston Starts two times a year starting in early 2024. Entrepreneurs can visit to learn more about the EXPLORE program and apply for admission.

“We are committed to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with curated resources, effective mentorship programs, actionable curriculum, networking opportunities, and community support,” said Mike Buckovich, Vision to Venture Director. Director of Community Development and Events Kami Leslie added, “Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, fine-tuning the necessary skills, and instilling the confidence to take ideas from concept to market are what genuinely make businesses successful.”

Winston Starts is a non-profit accelerator that helps startup companies successfully scale up their businesses. Located in Winston-Salem, N.C., the organization provides expert mentoring, customized coaching, state-of-the-art office space, and discounted professional services.

Vision to Venture energizes startup ecosystems and guides budding entrepreneurs, using customer-focused strategies to turn aspirations into tangible impacts—from concept to commerce, from Vision to Venture. To learn more, visit